Life story 

We all have a story, a story we believe governs how we live our lives. Each and every day we plod along, following its plot line without question, just hoping it’s going to have a happy ending. But what if I was to say that your story was totally under your control, that nothing is […]

Busy times

Hi everyone, I apologize for not being here to post my words of wisdom this week, life really is amazing at the moment and has been keeping me busy with opening my own bistro and tea rooms in the small town where I grew up. If someone had told me even a month ago that […]

Time for change 

Changing old habits are hard, I know. I have a million of them and each one is fighting for survival, wondering if they are next on my hit list of self-improvement. I’d just like to inform them now, in front of witnesses – that’s you guys – that I’m willing to negotiate. Even the thought […]

Don’t believe the hype 

Don’t believe the hype As you sit here reading this, your mind is probably telling you that you don’t need improvement: you are who you are and don’t go getting ideas above your station. It’s a part of our defensive mechanism, and is useful in keeping us safe from danger, but not so useful in […]