The Next StepĀ 

Moving forward, taking the next step to fulfilling our goals can be a little overwhelming, if not down right scary, and its natural to feel this way – it’s all part of stepping into the unknown. It’s our defence system kicking in. If we feel able or competent in what we do then there shouldn’t […]

Mindful Music

I love listening to music; all kinds from pop to classical, rock to opera- I have no prejudice, if it’s a good song or track then it’s on my playlist. Shuffle can be amusing or annoying depending on who you ask. Anyway, the reason I’m talking about music is because music has the ability to […]

Hard Work

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine a life where you have full control. Actually, not control, I don’t want to call it that; more like a life where you are in the driving seat, you have the choice to go anywhere you want, do whatever you dream, be whoever you want to […]