Life as a Cat

This morning, I sat and just stared at my cat as he lay there sleeping after a hardy meal. I started to imagine what his life is like, how does he see the world? I know he’s a very independent being who likes his own way and isn’t afraid to show his disapproval of anything […]

Old and the New

In order to start over we have to let go of our past beliefs: conflict between new and old can be one hell of a battle, with past beliefs being the strongest of the two. Changing can be hard work – that goes for most things that need change, and it takes time, effort and […]


Why Mindful-Attraction? Why combine mindfulness and the law of attraction? What a good question if I do say so myself, so I shall tell you. Having mindfulness in our lives has all its own benefits for self-improvement, and it’s commonly practiced around the world with astounding results. The Law of Attraction (as its commonly called) […]

One to One

Group learning is great, it helps us realise that we are not alone, there are others out there who feel the same as us and we can share experiences and techniques with one another – helping each other, supporting each other in reaching our goals. Whereas one-to-one is a far more personal setting that offers […]


Imagine that you woke up tomorrow morning and you find out that everything you wish for had come true. You are Bruce Almighty. Imagine it, and consider – what would you do? Remember that everything you wish for has consequences, so if you wish for world peace it could cause an economic effect in many […]

Does it take long

When we begin anything new we usually have the tendency to jump in head first and try and do as much as possible, wanting to see results straight away. Unfortunately, mindfulness is a process that takes time and has no quick fix or short cuts. We get the best results with mindfulness when we are […]