Man in the Mirror

We walk past them everyday, mirrors, they seem to be everywhere we go these days. Even windows and doors act like them – we and everyone and everything around us is reflected back non-stop, but do we ever stop and look? We are so busy running around we don’t notice the ‘other us’ running around […]

Good Vibrations

Have you ever had a feeling? You know what I mean, a hunch, a premonition that you know what’s about to happen next, good or bad? Yes? What did you do? When we get these feelings, the majority of us never take any notice of them, we brush them off as a glitch of sorts, […]

Heal the World 

I spend a lot of time studying people; how they tick, their habits, wondering why they are like they are. I see people everyday who I know, without doubt, could do with Mindful-Attraction in their lives, but how do you tell someone that you think they may need help? I used to talk to people […]