We all feel stuck sometimes; the feeling of not knowing what direction to go in for the best, confused about what’s gone wrong with our life, wondering if it will ever be the same again. We are not alone – it happens to everyone at some point, and it’s important how we decide to react […]

Can Byw Help

Ok so today I want to look at what Byw has to offer you and why you should consider us to help you achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions. Can Byw help change your life? I believe the answer to that question is yes and I’m going to explain why. My name is Geraint Rhys […]

What’s in a Story 

We all have a story, our lives so far; but it’s not a story of who we are, it’s a story of who we were, it’s the story of what we have been and have done, and it can hold us back. It can keep us from moving on. We believe it’s all we can […]

More than Words

I love talking and once I start it’s difficult to shut me up; there is nothing I like more than a chin-wag with anyone who’s happy to listen to my ramblings, and I’d hope that when I have finished the conversation I leave the person or people feeling happier than when I started. I don’t […]

Hello again 

If you are a new reader or an avid subscriber, I’d like to welcome you and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Everything I practice and talk about in my blog I am still a student of, but I can assure you that the methods are tried and tested by myself […]

Mindful of Mindfulness 

Over the weekend I have come across, and been shown a couple of articles about the dangers of mindfulness and meditation. I have tried to read the articles with an open mind, hoping to find out why the people involved had such a bad experience, and to see if I could make sense of what’s […]

Nobody knows the Truth

What is the meaning of life? Do we really know? For me it’s happiness, happiness for me and happiness for my family, happiness for my friends and almost everyone else there is on planet Earth. For you it could be something completely different; I don’t know what it is, only you can answer that question. […]