Not everything we believe to be true is true and not everything we believe to be untrue is an untrue, it all depends on perspective. What influences you? Who influences you? Who do you influence? I ask these questions because it’s important for us to realise the influences in our lives and how they dictate […]

Nothing is unless we make it so.

We all have different needs, we all have different beliefs – in fact, I’d say we are all as different as can be, but are still the same in many ways. Who we are and how we live is a complicated issue. We all perceive life in various ways, as if living in different realities. […]

Making your Mind up

What is it you want in life?  Success? Love? Happiness? The list can go on forever, it can be hard to concentrate on one thing at a time and being this way could be holding us back from achieving what it is we really desire. We are confusing the universe. Imagine that someone asks you […]

Fresh Starts 

So we are now in 2017, it’s the season of resolutions and fresh starts for many of us, but how many of us actually succeed in the goals that we set ourselves? We all have good intentions in wanting change to happen, but in reality we also fear the outcome. Sometimes we give ourselves unrealistic […]

Finding one’s self

The majority of people I talk to all seem to have the same problem in their lives and it comes in many forms. If we dig a little deeper, the underlying issue we all have appears to come down to self-confidence or self-awareness; or the lack of. I know it doesn’t take a brain surgeon […]

Blame Game 

Blame Game  Who holds the responsibility for our happiness? Who’s responsible for the mishaps and disasters in our lives? Is it us or is it society’s place to make sure that life is fair? I believe that happiness is our job; if we are unhappy, it’s usually down to us being somewhere we don’t belong […]

Hard Work

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine a life where you have full control. Actually, not control, I don’t want to call it that; more like a life where you are in the driving seat, you have the choice to go anywhere you want, do whatever you dream, be whoever you want to […]

Law of Attraction 

I often talk about a magical force in the universe that grants our wishes and dreams; a force that manifests itself in everything around us, the good and the bad. That force is known commonly as the ‘law of attraction’ and it works without fail or prejudice. I first heard about the law of attraction […]