Who is Geraint Rhys Benney D.P.S.


Geraint is a certified Life and Spiritual Coach based in the South Wales Valleys. He became a coach after a tragic run of life events left him feeling lost and without love, hope or meaning. With help and support from family and friends he was able to find himself again and in turn, it has given him the strength to create new love, new hope and meaning, and a calling to help other find theirs.


Geraint became a certified Life and Spiritual Coach in 2018 and is registered with the CTAA. He has life experience that has seen him travel Europe as an entertainer working with people of all backgrounds. At home he has volunteered with homeless charities, worked as a residential social worker, held position on a number of charitable community projects and school governor boards, and also run for office in local and national government. Geraint is still – and always will be – a strong advocate of improving communities by building better ones together.


Geraint’s spiritual journey is not one of religion or the dependence on a godly figure, but one of the self and the power within us, and our connection to the infinite consciousness that is source. His teachings are ones of self-belief, self-respect, self-love and self-improvement and the connection with said source.


What is ‘source’? I hear you ask. Source is a positive energy that connects everyone and everything on this plain and beyond; the infinite consciousness.


We are infinite energy beings: we are infinite consciousness.