Respect Yourself.

How many times have you convinced yourself of something that is untrue? We have all done it at some point in our lives, instead of talking out a situation with the people involved we tend to make up our own minds with half truths and speculation only to find out later that we are in […]

The name of the game.

Life, life, life what’s it all about? If you don’t ask this to your self on a regular basis you are doing yourself a disservice. Be it when life is tough or even when life is going well, we should all be asking ourselves what is the life we are living all about. I believe […]

Time for change 

Originally posted on Byw Life Sculpting:
Changing old habits are hard, I know. I have a million of them and each one is fighting for survival, wondering if they are next on my hit list of self-improvement. I’d just like to inform them now, in front of witnesses – that’s you guys – that I’m…