Not everything we believe to be true is true and not everything we believe to be untrue is an untrue, it all depends on perspective. What influences you? Who influences you? Who do you influence? I ask these questions because it’s important for us to realise the influences in our lives and how they dictate […]

Open your mind

What do people actually mean when they say open your mind”? Aren’t our minds already open? I believe what people are trying to say is, don’t be afraid to learn new things, question the status quo, be inquisitive and don’t take the first answer you get as a true one. It’s sometimes hard for us […]

Thank You.

I’d like to thank everyone that has taken time to visit my blog over the last few years and everyone who has supported and given me the belief that I can. I have been on a journey of not only discovery and awakening, but also one of learning and enlightenment. I have had many ups […]


The people we surround ourselves with can and do affect our moods and our lives. If the people we are associating ourselves with are negative then that negativity is going to rub off on us with great strength – but we can protect ourselves from that negative energy. The easiest way of protection is to […]