The door is always open at Byw and i welcome you to my World, i hope that you find it a helpful, informative and interesting place to visit. If you have any inquiries regarding any of the subjects i cover in my blog then Please get in touch.

Also if you have any interest in Personal Coaching please contact the address below.

Thank you for your visit, i hope to see you again soon

Geraint Rhys Benney, Life Coach (Founder)


Please quote Life Sculpting in the Subject Bar.



One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi, i found your website and service through searching on google. Im lookincfor some help. I don’t know what I need or how I can be helped but I just know I can’t carry on the way I am. I am ruining relationships I have with people because of the behaviours I have and struggling to deal with my emotions as a result. Someone told me life coaching may be useful as I know what I’m doing is wrong and causing relationships to end but at the time when it comes to the crunch I don’t think or not realising.


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