Geraint Rhys Benney D.P.S.
Professional Accredited Life and Spiritual Coaching Service.
Coaching Benefits
* Create a vision for your life
* Identify your values, strengths, beliefs and goals
* Move past your blind spots
* Establish work/life balance
* Thrive in times of transition and Spiritual Awakening
* Stress Management
We offer a confidential listening ear that has no agenda, apart from yours.
Available for one to one and group Coaching also for Self Development and Public Speaking Events.

24 Cannon Street
Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taff. Call 01685 870621

High Quality ethnic gifts & wellness center we sell crystals, jewellery and incense. Holistic therapies inc Reiki Hypnotherapy readings & workshops.


Please quote Byw Life Sculpting 2019 in the Subject Bar.

One thought on “Contact.

  1. Hi, i found your website and service through searching on google. Im lookincfor some help. I don’t know what I need or how I can be helped but I just know I can’t carry on the way I am. I am ruining relationships I have with people because of the behaviours I have and struggling to deal with my emotions as a result. Someone told me life coaching may be useful as I know what I’m doing is wrong and causing relationships to end but at the time when it comes to the crunch I don’t think or not realising.


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