Hello again 

If you are a new reader or an avid subscriber, I’d like to welcome you and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Everything I practice and talk about in my blog I am still a student of, but I can assure you that the methods are tried and tested by myself before I encourage anyone else to participate. I started Byw – which means ‘live’ in my native tongue of Welsh – as a tool for self-improvement and discovery. It helped me deal with a difficult chapter of my life, along with the support network of family and friends, and I now want to give back and offer the support and experience I have learned to others who need it. Some of what I talk about can seem a little unusual and sound a little off the wall, but I can assure you that they work. I’m putting my name to this blog after all, (I Am Geraint Rhys Benney by the way), and I wouldn’t be doing so if it was all just mumbo jumbo. All I ask of anyone reading my blog is to come at it with an open mind; we don’t know everything – if we did then we wouldn’t have any problems in the world as everything would have an explanation and therefore there would be no disagreement. However, we don’t know everything, we know very little if we are totally honest with ourselves and that’s OK, as long as we realise this and are willing to try and consider new opinions and beliefs with an open mind. Byw is here for you and me, and together I believe we can not only sculpt a life of our own choice, but also a life of positivity and happiness for the people we love and care for. If I can help people through the creation of Byw, then that is what I will do in every way I can, as I strongly believe everyone deserves the opportunity of having a life that dreams are made of. So before I end, I’d sincerely like to thank you again for taking the time and reading what I have to say, and I hope that you will continue to support myself and Byw and its ethos of Improvement Together. If you are interested in anything Byw covers, or the practices I use, then please feel free to get in touch about the packages we offer on confidence and self-improvement.

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