What’s in a Story 

We all have a story, our lives so far; but it’s not a story of who we are, it’s a story of who we were, it’s the story of what we have been and have done, and it can hold us back. It can keep us from moving on. We believe it’s all we can ever become and it’s not true. Our story is just that: a story. Like any story it can be rewritten, it doesn’t have to end in any other way than the way we want it to end. It’s not predetermined, we can change it for the better at any time we want; it’s all down to perspective. Every day we awaken and we are given the opportunity to start over. We can carry on as usual, living a life that we think we deserve, or we can decide to start living a life we really deserve – a life that can change everything we ever thought we were capable of having or doing, a life of fulfilment and achievement. I know I’m like a broken record but I’ll keep saying it until the message sinks in: “we can achieve anything we want to”, the only thing holding us back is us. We hold the key to the lock, all we need is the courage to unlock its potential and then believe in its possibilities. Start writing a blockbuster, give yourself the leading role, make it a story that will be passed down through the ages. We all have this ability, you and me are equals; I am no better than anyone and nobody is better than me. We all have the same abilities, it’s what we do with them that counts. I started Byw as a tool to help rewrite my life and now I want Byw to help you rewrite yours. We all deserve happiness, we all deserve a life of dreams and ambition, we all deserve a life with a happy ending. Life can be crappy: it can chew us up and spit us out without a care. It’s whether we decide to get back up or just give up that determines the future life we lead.

One thought on “What’s in a Story 

  1. first rule of the leading role in the blockbuster is that that character does NOT believe “life can be crappy”. your writing is part of this future you see for yourself, and whether they leave messages or not- YOUR thoughts and inspirations are effecting people. WAY TO GO! good luck in the next step in your new re-writing of your life- step #1 already achieved! keep on scuplting- it’s never complete by the way….. have a great week. mikey

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