I am often asked if I really believe in the law of attraction; does it work? Isn’t it just another fad? And if it works, how?? The answer I always give is yes, it does work, I have witnessed it and use it myself, how it works I have no clue, I’m just happy it works for me. I believe in it 150%, without question or doubt. I’m not here to convince you, you have to take my word on it. Why and how are the usual responses I receive back and that’s expected – I suppose it’s the same response I gave when I first discovered the Law of Attraction. I thought that a concept so simple must have a catch to it, it can’t be true. But as I discovered through research and practice, it is true, it is real and it’s free to anyone who wants to use it. In fact, we have been using it since birth without even knowing about it. The difference now is that we know it’s there and that we have the ability to work alongside it and use it to improve our lives, to sculpt a life more fitting to what we have always dreamt about. I don’t expect you to take my word, why should you? I want you to go and do your own research – it’s all out there if you are willing to look and open your mind to something truly magical. The Law of Attraction is as real as you and me: it’s time to start believing in it like it believes in you.

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