Making your Mind up

What is it you want in life? 
The list can go on forever, it can be hard to concentrate on one thing at a time and being this way could be holding us back from achieving what it is we really desire. We are confusing the universe. Imagine that someone asks you for something, then asks again minutes later for something very slightly different, and keeps doing this over and over again. It would be too confusing a wish to grant, yes? Life is confusing, nobody will argue with us there I’m sure, but life needn’t be impossible. We can have order in amongst the chaos. If we want to ask the universe for something, we need to give it clear and direct instructions of what we want, then we need to let it go; the more thought we give it afterwards, the bigger the chance of it not working out the way we want it to. Make your wish, say your prayer and trust in the power of the universe and its core inside of you to provide what you ask for.

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