The people we surround ourselves with can and do affect our moods and our lives. If the people we are associating ourselves with are negative then that negativity is going to rub off on us with great strength – but we can protect ourselves from that negative energy. The easiest way of protection is to stay as far away from these people as possible, but sometimes that is easier said than done; especially when it’s family. I get told to “stop being so bloody positive” on a regular basis and I answer, “no, you stop being so negative”. Negative thoughts and actions are hard to escape sometimes and I understand that my positive attitude can be annoying to others, but their negative attitude is far more disruptive to my day than my positivity is to theirs. I have had to lose friendships over peoples’ attitudes towards me and themselves, but it’s something I have had to do to move forward in my life. We all have an energy that runs though our body; a kind of magnetic force that not only attracts the energy of the people and situations we encounter, but this force can also repel said energy. It’s the understanding of how this energy works that can help us use the force for our own benefit. Regular meditation and a healthy lifestyle is a good start to keeping our energy on a steady flow, associating with like-minded positive people is another. It’s never too late or too early to ground ourselves and take stock of who we are and how we can live happier and more settled lives. For more information on how to work in harmony with yourself and the energy within, please get in touch

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