Moany, Moany

I moan, you moan, in fact, we all like to have a good old moan now and again – it helps us unwind and it lets us get things off our chests. Moaning can be good when done in moderation. If we let moaning become the main way we express ourselves, then life will undoubtedly […]

If we don’t ask

If we want something from someone, we generally ask if it’s possible to have it, and more often than not, we get what we ask for. If we don’t ask, then we are not going to receive. Everyone knows that I talk to the universe on a regular basis, asking for things to manifest into […]


‘Have a fantastic day’ is something I’ve told almost everyone I have come across on my travels today – and I mean it. I genuinely want them to enjoy their day and for it to be fantastic. The words we use have an effect on not only ourselves, but also the people we connect with […]

Finding one’s self

The majority of people I talk to all seem to have the same problem in their lives and it comes in many forms. If we dig a little deeper, the underlying issue we all have appears to come down to self-confidence or self-awareness; or the lack of. I know it doesn’t take a brain surgeon […]

Blame GameĀ 

Blame Game  Who holds the responsibility for our happiness? Who’s responsible for the mishaps and disasters in our lives? Is it us or is it society’s place to make sure that life is fair? I believe that happiness is our job; if we are unhappy, it’s usually down to us being somewhere we don’t belong […]

Strive to Be

I get asked why I do what I do, and what I get out of it quite often; when I get asked this question I feel proud to answer. I do what I do because I choose to. I choose to live a happy, fulfilled life on my terms because I have the self-belief that […]

Lost at Sea.

Being lost and not knowing which way to go is a common feeling amongst all of us at some point in our lives. We can over-think situations and create problems when faced with situations like this. I still find that when tired, over-worked, or generally feeling stressed and confused, I overreact with nonsensical emotions sending […]

We are not aloneĀ 

Over the last few months I have given a number of talks on mindfulness and the law of attraction, and how they can transform our lives along with our self-belief. I explain how we can – with these tools – make a life that’s far more rewarding and satisfying by sculpting life on our own […]

All Is Well

All is well and all shall be well: words I tell myself daily. Having something to believe in and having faith are two of the most important lessons we must learn if we are to achieve. If self-improvement is your goal then these two lessons should be your main goals also. Self-belief and faith in […]

Man in the Mirror

We walk past them everyday, mirrors, they seem to be everywhere we go these days. Even windows and doors act like them – we and everyone and everything around us is reflected back non-stop, but do we ever stop and look? We are so busy running around we don’t notice the ‘other us’ running around […]