Having faith can turn your life around; it can give you focus, it can give you direction, it can give you meaning. When I talk about faith I’m not talking about religion or religious faith – not at all. When I talk about faith I’m talking about having faith in yourself, faith in your own abilities, faith that no matter what is thrown at you in life: you are strong enough to deal with it. We all need faith in our lives, it gives us hope in a world full of madness. I have faith – I have faith in my own abilities, I have faith that I will achieve my goals and dreams and that the universe is beside me opening doors along the way. Faith can be hard to find but when it’s discovered, hold on to it with all your might and never let it go. People will try and take it away from you, they will belittle you, they will try and get you to have faith in them instead, they will do everything they can to take your personal faith away. Faith is a powerful tool and can be dangerous in the wrong hands: we see that everywhere we look at the moment. We have put faith in others to make the world safer place and we are being let down drastically. The only real faith we need is a personal one and here at Byw we believe that we all deserve it. We are magical beings who can manifest amazing things for ourselves and the the world we inhabit. It all starts with self-belief
Have Faith

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