Soul Mates.

As I have said in the past; everything I talk about, I am a student of – and still have a lot to learn in all fields – but I feel it important to talk about and encourage others to join me in my journey of self discovery and enlightenment. We are all connected – I believe this to be true. We have all had the experience of thinking about someone we haven’t seen or spoke to in some time and they turn up or call you on the phone or text out of the blue at that exact moment. We see situations like this as pure coincidence, but what if it’s more than that? What if there is a force working that connects each and every one of us? Have you ever walked into a room and felt the tension or excitement that its occupants are feeling without anyone saying a word? That my friends, is a spiritual connection. The energy we emit from our bodies and minds are more powerful than we realise, and we pick up on them daily without even noticing them. It’s like having our very own built in text service. Look it up, the evidence is all there if we are willing to look, we just need to be willing to look. I know that we can all agree we live in a hectic world of distractions and confusion, and our ability to read or even pick up on the signs of our energy is becoming less and less – unless we take time to practice that is. Meditation is one of the the best ways of getting back in touch with not only ourselves, but each other. Also, a simple 15-20 min peaceful walk can free us up from the grind of the day – even taking a long, warm bath works. If we really want to reconnect, we need to find time. I like people watching. Not with binoculars (no not that kind of watching) – I mean whenever I get the chance I sit myself down on a bench and watch people go past in their daily routine, wondering what kind of day they are having. Sometimes I genuinely feel connections with these random strangers, whether or not I am connected, or it’s just my over-active imagination I’m not sure, but one thing I am sure of is that to me, it’s real and I trust myself enough to believe that anything is possible in this amazing universe of ours if we are willing to keep learning. Being mindful of ourselves, our emotions and feelings helps us connect better with others and the environment around us, and it’s time we started opening our eyes to at least the concept that there are things we don’t know about ourselves or have even forgotten. Human connection exists; if you ever been madly in love then you should know what I mean. You know that feeling when you just look at each other deep in the eyes and instantly know what each other are thinking? You remember that feeling. I could go on and on with examples but at some point I need to stop writing, so before I go – in a nut shell – what I have been trying to say is that the universe is a big place and and without doubt mystical. As humans we are only touching on the edge of our abilities and by being open to that simple idea then our lives can be magical, after all we live the words we speak whether they be strong or weak. We choose the path we go.

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