Living in the Shadow 

Living in a shadow

It’s great to have heroes, someone we can look up to and emulate; they can give us ambitions and goals, but they can also be the reason we underachieve. When we look at these people it can make us feel inferior, it can give us an unrealistic outlook on what is achievable without hard work or dedication. Everything needs some kind of work applied to it if we want to reach the finish line, but it seems that everyone wants the easy option without the fuss and they end up failing and giving up without really giving it or themselves a chance. I have heroes and I have people I admire, but I don’t want to be them, I want to be me. In fact, I want them to want to be me – I want to be the one inspiring them, I want to be a bigger and better version of not them, but me. I’m the only person I am competing against and I will stand strong and I will be successful. The only people we should ever be competing against is ourselves; we can’t be anyone else apart from who we are, what we need to do is learn to be comfortable with who we are and in our abilities. You’ll be surprised by the answers you find out about yourself when you dig deep, and surprised by how resourceful you can be when given the right opportunities. Here at Byw we offer you the tools and materials that will help you build the life and lifestyle you desire. We put them in your hands and leave you to mould your very own unique sculpture of your life with all the support and help that we can offer you to achieve success.

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