It’s good to be questioned about what we believe in; it makes us stop and think about what’s important and what’s not. The last thing I would ever want to be accused of is forcing my beliefs on anyone, as they are my beliefs and I don’t expect anyone else to think the same way as I do -unless they wanted to that is. In that case, I’m more than happy to spread the word of positivity. We all have a choice in what we think is right or wrong, or what is real or not real. I’m often told that my beliefs are ‘mumbo jumbo’ and it’s all hippie propaganda crap. Ok, cool, that’s fine with me; we all have our own opinion. What I do and what I practice works for me and it gives me the confidence to live my life with happiness and love for all man – no matter what they believe in themselves. I try my best not to judge others, always try and see the best in every situation and I believe we are all capable of achieving great things. If you are a regular reader to my blog you will know how I feel about mankind and how powerful I believe we are – from the bottom of our souls to the outer edges of the universe is our playground and every day we only live in (and use) a small corner of it. We are limitless, and by talking with that assurance in our words we can manifest lives of our choosing. There are many people believing in many things, who am I to say who is wrong or right? It’s not my place to make that decision, its nobodies place really, unless what people believe in is harmful to others then I find it hard to accept. What I’m trying to say is that my way works for me: how or why I don’t know, I’m not saying it’s magic or mystical, it simply is what it is.m, I don’t know the answer, but then again I don’t know how to fly a plane. I don’t question the pilot demanding all the facts on how it works, I just accept it does what it does and that’s a good enough answer for me. Not everything needs to be explained, as long as it works.

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