We all feel stuck sometimes; the feeling of not knowing what direction to go in for the best, confused about what’s gone wrong with our life, wondering if it will ever be the same again. We are not alone – it happens to everyone at some point, and it’s important how we decide to react to the situation we are in. In the last few months I have lost my job, my business is struggling and my money has run out; I’m up to my eyeballs in debt and to be honest with you all, I kind of feel unfazed by it all. Not in the sense of not caring, but more in the sense of ‘everything will be ok in the end’ – something is going to come along and cement my faith in the universe. I truly believe that when I need it, the universe will grant my ambitions and make my dreams reality. I should be at the end of my tether after the last 3 years of my life being tipped upside down, but I’m no longer taking any of it personally: as it’s not. I have simply had a run of bad luck and it happens to everyone. A lot has changed – good and bad – and I believe that when one chapter ends another one opens. I have changed as a person so why shouldn’t my life change also? Since starting on my spiritual path my eyes have been opened to what’s important and what’s not, and I’m at peace with the world. I feel no more fear, dread or worry about situations that are out my control; what is the point in stressing over spilt milk? Just clean up the mess the best we can and carry on regardless. I know things are going to be ok, I can feel it in my soul, I have faith in me to get through it and come out stronger the other side, after all I am Geraint Rhys Benney and I am the master of my own destiny. Whatever knocks me down will only make me stronger and more determined to be a better and more understanding human being.

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