Practice what you Preach 

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what we are doing, to the point of us forgetting why we ever started in the beginning. I started Byw as a tool for self-improvement and growth a few years ago; I have found the tools and methods that I used helpful and I wanted to pass them and my experience on to others who may be interested in transforming their lives the same way. However, in my haste to ‘spread the word’ shall we say, it seems that I have forgotten to practice what I preach. In all the excitement of wanting to tell the world and the universe about the unbelievable ways we can all improve, grow and love our true selves, I forgot about why I started Byw in the first place – to improve ME. I forgot that as a student of life I should never neglect my core beliefs and teachings, as they will stop serving me as effectively as I’d like them to, and why should I blame them? If we truly believe in something or someone and expect it or them to believe in us then they deserve to be given equal respect and time in return. If we drive a car and we don’t take the time to look after it and give it care, no matter how good a driver we are, the car will eventually cease to perform. I suppose the same goes for myself and what I preach. So my friends, let it be said from this day forward I will be picking up where I left off and continue with my original subject: me. I shall of course keep offering any help and assistance to anyone that is in need of it, but with the extra assurance that I do – and will continuously – practice what I preach

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