What is love? Is it just a word or is it more than that? I know it gets thrown around far too often and said out of context on so many occasions, but it’s meaning to me is as strong as ever. Love isn’t exclusive and nor should it be; love is universal. I feel love for life and for my family and friends, I feel love for the sun that shines and the rain that pours, I feel love for every living organism on the planet and universe for that matter – and it gives me a feeling of pride and gratitude that amongst all this love I count myself at the top of the list. Today is Valentine’s Day; a day for people to show their loved ones how they feel, and in our forever busy lifestyles I think it’s important to do so. It’s so easy to take them for granted without realising it and sometimes we need to be reminded. Let us not forget about the people who are alone; not just today but everyday – they deserve love as much as me and you and it’s for them that Byw offers support and guidance and the opportunity to find love in their lives. If you read my blog often then you know that I believe the key to everlasting happiness is self love, and once you open the lock everything else comes naturally. We all deserve love and happiness – all of us – and today I’d like to wish you all a full and loving life. I hope you share that love with others around you, spreading it far and wide. Love is more than a word, love is endless.

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