Law of Attraction 

I often talk about a magical force in the universe that grants our wishes and dreams; a force that manifests itself in everything around us, the good and the bad. That force is known commonly as the ‘law of attraction’ and it works without fail or prejudice. I first heard about the law of attraction around ten years ago, but never really gave it the attention or credit it deserved at the time – I was too busy to notice that its effect on my life was transformative. I was blind. Fast forward to the present day and I feel gratitude that I gave it another look, because it’s changed my life. Ok, I’m not bathing in money and I don’t have a fast car or mansion to call my own, but what I do have is happiness and faith in myself, and to me that’s priceless. I’m no expert in the L.O.A, far from it, but using it daily I’m harnessing my skills and making them more and more effective. From parking spaces to new opportunities, the L.O.A has granted them all to me without fail; its whether I have been aware enough to notice the signs that are presented to me. We can all make wishes and we can all have them come true if we put the effort into believing they will happen. We must have an open mind and take notice of what is being offered to us without fearing the outcome, and that’s where the majority of us fail: we fear the unknown, so when new opportunities or situations are presented to us we walk away from them – even when it’s exactly what we have been asking for all along. If we want the universe and life to work for us then we need to trust, we need to believe in its powers and abilities as much as our own. The Law of Attraction isn’t anything new, it’s been around since the beginning of time, it’s been practised by people all through the ages – the evidence is there if you are willing to look. There are books, films, seminars and the like appearing daily, all teaching the L.O.A principles and it’s big business. This works for so many people and it’s time you started making it work for you. At Byw we want to give you the tools to sculpt a life of your choosing; we offer the support and direction to get you starting to believe in not only yourself, but also your dreams, ambitions and the law of attraction.

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