Hard Work

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine a life where you have full control. Actually, not control, I don’t want to call it that; more like a life where you are in the driving seat, you have the choice to go anywhere you want, do whatever you dream, be whoever you want to be. Ultimately, a life with free-will. Are you there? Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you smell it? Take in all the glory and warmth of fulfilment and achievement. Believe you are there, that it’s been foretold in the stars – this is who you are and what you will achieve. Believe in you and others will follow; give yourself the best gift by being the best version of you. Forgive yourself for the past and start living for the future. Ok, I know I can be a tad over-dramatic sometimes and it’s down to the fact that I am extremely passionate about what I talk about. I care about my life and the lives of the people around me, and would love nothing more than to see others have the same happiness I have inside me: that’s why I started Byw. I know a lot of my ideas may seem unusual and hard to grasp, and to be totally honest with you, it’s probably good for you to think this way. I want and expect people to question my theories as I want them to be taken seriously; I believe they deserve to be. I’m not going to say that “mindful-attraction” (what i have come to call what I practice) will change your life because it won’t – that task is really down to you and how much you are willing to believe in yourself. What I am saying, is that alongside hard work and your own self-belief mindful-attraction can make that change.

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