The Next Step 

Moving forward, taking the next step to fulfilling our goals can be a little overwhelming, if not down right scary, and its natural to feel this way – it’s all part of stepping into the unknown. It’s our defence system kicking in. If we feel able or competent in what we do then there shouldn’t be any reason why we can’t move forward and grow without any fuss or hassle – as long as we are always willing to keep learning along the way. Recently giving my first workshop and talk has given me a refreshed quest to share the skills and techniques that I have learned and found helpful and effective. For a first time giving a talk and basic workshop I was unsurprisingly nervous – and I think it showed slightly – but thankfully I was treated kindly by the friendly participants. It went much better than I expected but still needs work on presentation and structure. Understanding that improvement happens with practice and I am already planning my next few sessions in the next month or so, taking along the lessons I learned from the first; structure being the main lesson. I look forward to meeting you all sometime in the future at one of my talks and remember: each step we make and each move forward is making us stronger and more capable as long as we are willing to keep an open mind and keep learning. 

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