Good Vibrations

Have you ever had a feeling? You know what I mean, a hunch, a premonition that you know what’s about to happen next, good or bad? Yes? What did you do? When we get these feelings, the majority of us never take any notice of them, we brush them off as a glitch of sorts, but then again some of us have learned to actually respond to that feeling – with great effect. Now the big question I ask myself is: what is this feeling? Intuition, a sixth sense, being psychic, spider senses; whatever we call it, it’s real, we can’t deny this, or are we all imagining it? Anyway let’s get on to the matter at hand; what is it? And why don’t we take more notice of it? Think about it: each and every one of us has felt this, it can’t just all be down to coincidence can it? We all have a kind of superpower that we take no notice of, what would happen if we all started to take notice of our senses? We see with our eyes, we hear with our ears, we smell with our nose and so on, but we have lost the ability to sense. Animals still use sense, it’s a part of their everyday life. Animals are mindful, let’s say their senses have a kind of magical or mystical quality to them. They don’t talk to each other, as far as we know, they use their intuition and their senses to communicate, they use them to communicate with their environment and the world around it. We also have this power within us and I believe we have simply forgotten how to use it. There are Shaolin monks that show unbelievable powers of mind and body, there are Indian mystics, shamans, village elders, the list goes on and on: humans pulling off unbelievable feats that seem basically unexplainable. So why, if we know that we have this ability don’t we try and use it for our own benefit? This is the question that bugs me the most. It’s not difficult to learn to take back this power, just by using basic meditation and mindfulness – that’s all it takes. I’m not saying we will all evolve to the next level of consciousness overnight, but hey, what I’m saying is by spending time on our minds we might just learn something new about ourselves. Everything in the universe is vibration, and I mean everything from the smallest atom to the biggest planet – it’s all a vibration. I’m not talking rubbish I’m talking science, I’m talking quantum physics. Me and you are connected by vibration and in turn we are all connected with everything through vibration, and I believe our senses are our transmitter for reading the signals shooting about around us by taking more notice of our senses as much as we take notes of our usual senses that we take for granted. I like to think that Mindfulness and meditation help us become more stable in the energy stream of the universe. If we are in a state of being aware of the energy around us, the eternal energy of the universe will talk to us trough our senses, and once we expand our awareness then the magic happens. Life and the world changes, we change, in fact, everything changes. Everything I talk about and everything I write about I believe to be true, 100%. They are the beliefs that I live my life by, we can all live the life we choose to live, we have the ability to ride the waves of the universal vibration, good or bad, I chose to live on the good vibration, and you can too.

Geraint Rhys Benney.

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