Man in the Mirror

We walk past them everyday, mirrors, they seem to be everywhere we go these days. Even windows and doors act like them – we and everyone and everything around us is reflected back non-stop, but do we ever stop and look? We are so busy running around we don’t notice the ‘other us’ running around with us – we just take it for granted that they’re always there. When was the last time you stopped and had a conversation with the other you? I’m talking about you standing in front of a mirror and (seemingly) having a conversation with yourself or just acknowledging who’s there? What, never? Surely you’ve been stood in front of a mirror brushing your teeth and looked up and given yourself a smile, or looked in a mirror when trying on a new outfit, telling yourself you look good? Of course you have, we have all done it, so why not take it one step further and talk to them? Self-recognition is something we like to stay away from as humans, it’s easier to be what we think other people expect us to be, rather than who we really are, and by doing so we lose something precious, and that’s the ability to do what’s good for us. Whenever I have a big dilemma, whenever I need advice from someone who knows me best, I go to the mirror – preferably a large one so I can see as much of me and my surroundings as possible – and I talk. I stare at myself and let rip, whatever my issue, I let it all out and all the while staring in to that mirror. I’ve shouted, I’ve screamed, I’ve cried, I’ve let out every emotion possible all directed at myself, and by doing this I have seen myself at my lowest and I can tell you now, it works. If we think we live in a world that needs changing then we need to look at ourselves and start there. The person in the mirror is the person that not only knows you best, but are the only real people you can truly trust to ask the important questions that need answering. Get to know yourself better, strip right down to the bare essentials, rip yourself apart then put yourself back together again. It works, it really does; we have to be totally honest with ourselves when we do this or there is no point in trying, after all, you’ll only be lying to yourself and that’s just stupid. I use mirror therapy as part of the mindful-attraction one-to-one life improvement course, and I believe it’s one of the best tools that I use. It can be done alone at home with written instructions or can be done with guidance from me. It’s liberating, it’s eye-opening, it’s mind-changing. It’s You. We have everything within us to solve the questions we want answering about ourselves, all we need is a little bit of courage to face ourselves. If you want to know more about mirror therapy and Mindful-Attraction then please get in touch, and please remember all consultations are free.

Geraint Rhys Benney

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