Lost at Sea.

Being lost and not knowing which way to go is a common feeling amongst all of us at some point in our lives. We can over-think situations and create problems when faced with situations like this. I still find that when tired, over-worked, or generally feeling stressed and confused, I overreact with nonsensical emotions sending me to a place with no direction whatsoever; a kind of limbo. It’s a lonely place to be and the more we panic, the longer we stay there, exerting more energy until we either give up or come to our senses. When we see ourselves in such situations, it sometimes seems easier to give up on what it is we are looking for and settle with what we have, when all that we need is a clear mind and the belief that the path will appear when we show it we are ready to travel. Stop, reflect, take a deep breath and let go. If the path is not clear, have faith, as it will be in time. In the mean time we must wipe out all negativity that is holding us back, be positive, and use the time we have waiting to gain knowledge to help us when we get to our final destination. Our path will not always be clear or straight: we need to be prepared for times when directions will be unexpected. We need faith to turn the corner and step into the unknown, whilst believing that all will be well and that you are prepared for what is to come. Our journey can be good or it can be bad: the choice is ours. We can be patient and positive or negative and impatient, but whichever one we choose, what we ask for is generally what we receive.


Geraint Rhys Benney Life Coach

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