We are not alone 

Over the last few months I have given a number of talks on mindfulness and the law of attraction, and how they can transform our lives along with our self-belief. I explain how we can – with these tools – make a life that’s far more rewarding and satisfying by sculpting life on our own terms. After talking with colleagues and participants of my talks, I decided to start a mindfulness self-help group where participants share their mindful practices with each other, learning – as a group – how to share their experiences. Building a community of like-minded people is a quest that is worthwhile in my opinion. I have found over the time I have been practicing mindfulness that it’s not just a personal thing, mindfulness can be a topic that can have far reaching effects when used correctly; by bringing people together and talking about things with an open mind, with no expectations or bias. We all know that we live in a world full of chaos, but it’s nice to know that we also live in a world of compassion and understanding. It’s nice to know that there are others out there who think the same as us, and want to take action in making it a better world by trying to make positive change – starting with ourselves. We are all in existence together, we all have different outlooks and opinions, but we all know good from bad, what’s right and what’s wrong, and if we can build more mindful communities then maybe, just maybe we can alter the negative manifesto that is currently the norm. My group is still in its early stages but I have big expectations for its growth in the future months – only time will tell. On a personal level the last year has been a magnificent journey of enlightenment and self-growth. My eyes have been opened and my understanding of how my ‘self’ and life work together has changed positively. I am life and life is me: it’s how we interact with one another that’s important. If I can pass on any message of hope to anyone out there who feels lost and alone, then that message is, “you are not alone”. Nobody needs to be alone. We may have to change, we may have to alter our beliefs, we may have to admit we were wrong, but we never need be alone. 

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