Blame Game 

Blame Game 
Who holds the responsibility for our happiness? Who’s responsible for the mishaps and disasters in our lives? Is it us or is it society’s place to make sure that life is fair? I believe that happiness is our job; if we are unhappy, it’s usually down to us being somewhere we don’t belong or somewhere we don’t want to be, and the answer to this problem is to make changes and do something about it. We don’t get anywhere feeling sorry for ourselves and blaming others for our unhappiness. That’s counter-productive: it wastes time and just turns us into self-absorbed beings usually feeling alone and stuck in a rut. By taking responsibility for our happiness we get to choose how we feel. Happiness is a choice, not a reaction to circumstances. I know for a fact that I annoy people with my positivity – it drives them crazy that even when life is seemingly not going well, I have the ability to look on the bright side and look past the situation to see what can be, not what is. Life is short, it can be taken away with a blink of an eye and we shouldn’t waste one second of it by being negative and indulging in defeatist attitudes. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know that what I talk about I believe in 100%, not out of pure devotion or need, but out of pure belief in myself. Everything I advise on I have practised myself and found to be effective. If I haven’t seen proof then I don’t advise it, simple. How most of the methods work I don’t know, but they do, and for me, that’s good enough. I don’t know or understand how a bird flies, but I know it can so I expect it. It’s not religious, it’s not a cult or a fad, it’s just a way of living life with hope and self-belief.

The fault or responsibility for our mishaps is down to life itself and has nothing to do with society at all – life is a bitch to everyone, not just to you. We all have stuff happening that others don’t understand or even care about, but still it’s happening to every single person on this planet, and it’s how we react to the things that happen to us that’s important. It is not the things themselves. It’s there that we come back to us being responsible for our happiness, our sadness, our ups and our downs; we can choose to respond positively or negatively, blame or take responsibility, stand still or move forwards – we have a choice. I made a decision to believe and to have hope and confidence in myself and my resilience to grow stronger through the good times and the bad. We all have this choice, it’s not rocket science but it is common sense. Not everyone will agree with me and that’s ok, because I probably won’t agree with them either which is the great thing about life: we all have the ability to choose.

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