Finding one’s self

The majority of people I talk to all seem to have the same problem in their lives and it comes in many forms. If we dig a little deeper, the underlying issue we all have appears to come down to self-confidence or self-awareness; or the lack of. I know it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to come up with that conclusion and neither does it take a brain surgeon to realise that learning to love oneself can change how we feel – but I’m not only talking about ourselves. It can also change how we see the world around us. When life starts becoming a little overwhelming, I have come up with a plan of action that I use to change the direction I’m travelling in. By splitting my life up into sections, I sit down and analyse them: personal, work, family, love-life and the like. I look at them all as separate realities until I can single out which part of my life is causing the issue, as it’s not always apparent. Let me explain; we all live our lives as a single entity because that’s what we perceive it to be, but in reality we all live multiple lives and sometimes we let the issues from one determine how we feel in another. If we can learn to become more self-aware, we become more aware of how life works, we recognise that we play a number of roles depending on our circumstances. When at home we play the role of partner, parent, sibling, home owner. When at work we play the roles of boss or worker, client or customer etc. I think you’re getting the drift. It’s all too easy to let the different roles we have affect how we live the others, and unless we are willing to recognise that this, nothing will ever change. If we are willing to see that we are living our lives this way, we can make dramatic changes without affecting the balance of what is working. Self-confidence and self-awareness give us the opportunity to challenge ourselves and encourage us to succeed where we would usually fail, and by having the confidence to ask ourselves the questions about who we are and what makes us tick, we can start building a life all our personalities can exist within harmoniously. 

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