Moany, Moany

I moan, you moan, in fact, we all like to have a good old moan now and again – it helps us unwind and it lets us get things off our chests. Moaning can be good when done in moderation. If we let moaning become the main way we express ourselves, then life will undoubtedly become more or less unbearable to live. Why would we choose to live in a world that we find unbearable? I’m not judging people who choose to live this way; I find it more interesting than annoying, I’m intrigued to know if they are happy living like this and whether they want to change. I have written – and I’m writing again – about how we are what we think, because we are exactly that. We create the world we live in by the way we perceive it, we project our feelings and thoughts outward to create a reality that manifests into life. It’s not rocket science really, it’s common sense and I know you understand what I’m saying – it’s so simple a child can understand it. So we all understand it on an intellectual level, we see it and can agree in principle that ‘we are what we think’ makes total sense. It’s on an emotional level I think some find it difficult to accept. We are emotional beings by nature, and if not kept in check, our emotions can create a reality that can overshadow our actual reality, and we then start to perceive the new version as our own. There is a fantastic book by Professor Steve Peters called ‘The Chimp Paradox’ that explains how our brain works. You can find videos explaining Professor Peters theory on YouTube, please take some time to have a look (after finishing the blog of course) – I guarantee you will enjoy it. We all have the ability to change the way we perceive life, we can all flip it around and choose to make change; it’s not hard, what is hard, is sticking with our decision and seeing it through to its conclusion. We can carry on moaning and accept life on its terms or we can take charge and create a life on our terms. We can still have a moan, but let’s use it as a luxury item and give it the respect it deserves. If you’re already happy and content in your life then who am I to tell you to live differently? After all, it’s your life and your choice to live any way you see fit, the same as it’s my choice to live my life the way I feel inclined. We all have a choice, and that’s the point I’m trying to make. How we make the choices in our lives are relevant to our happiness. Life can be so much more than mundane! Life can be extraordinary, life can be adventurous, life can be ours to do whatever we want to do with it: life can be happiness.
By Geraint Rhys Benney 

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