If we don’t ask

If we want something from someone, we generally ask if it’s possible to have it, and more often than not, we get what we ask for. If we don’t ask, then we are not going to receive. Everyone knows that I talk to the universe on a regular basis, asking for things to manifest into my life, and i genuinely get what I ask for every time – even if I don’t recognise that I have. Sometimes I don’t ask clearly, sometimes I’m vague, but over time and out of nowhere I still get what I desired. Our dreams, ambitions and goals don’t always appear in our lives like we wish them to; they can be disguised or come at us from a direction we would not expect them to, so what we need is to be aware of them. I have a lot on in my work and personal life at the moment, and I have been asking the universe for ways to help me out. Being busy, I sometimes miss out on the opportunities that come my way because I’m not looking out for them, even when they’re right under my nose. For instance, I have been asking for help with Byw, help in communicating my message to the general public, then came along a job as a tour guide at the Royal Mint – explaining the history and the process of manufacturing money. So how I hear you asking, is that helpful with Byw? I’ll tell you how: because I’m now interacting with up to 125+ people a day, something I’ve not done in the past – well, not as myself anyway. Holding the group of individuals in the palm of my hand and having them hang on my every word has given me the experience and confidence to now stand up and talk about the things that matter to me. Putting myself in a position that makes me feel uncomfortable and nervous is what I needed to shake off my insecurities, and now standing up and publicly speaking is like water off a ducks back. I do it without thinking, it comes naturally to me. When the opportunity came along to work as a host/tour guide, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take it, I wasn’t sure how it fitted in with my life plan, I wasn’t sure why this opportunity was presenting itself to me. 3 months later and the reasons have become apparent; I am now able – and now more than willing – to stand and talk in front of a crowd, no matter the size. May it be in front of one or in front of ten million people, as long as I know my subject, then there should be no fear, only excitement and anticipation. Lessons come at us in many shapes and sizes, they are usually sent to us because we have asked for them in some way; it’s recognising them when they appear that’s important. 
By Geraint Rhys Benney 

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