Time for change 

Byw Life Sculpting

Changing old habits are hard, I know. I have a million of them and each one is fighting for survival, wondering if they are next on my hit list of self-improvement. I’d just like to inform them now, in front of witnesses – that’s you guys – that I’m willing to negotiate. Even the thought of change can scare or put people off trying, so let’s try and approach the subject in a different way. Let’s not change, lets adapt. Let’s use what we already have and go on an adventure, let’s set tasks for our habits and use them to our advantage – keeping everyone happy. Self-improvement isn’t hard, it really isn’t: what’s hard is fighting with our past, but that’s a subject for another day. Ok, starting from today I want you to give your old habits a choice: they can leave, or stay and grow with you…

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