Time for change 

Changing old habits are hard, I know. I have a million of them and each one is fighting for survival, wondering if they are next on my hit list of self-improvement. I’d just like to inform them now, in front of witnesses – that’s you guys – that I’m willing to negotiate. Even the thought of change can scare or put people off trying, so let’s try and approach the subject in a different way. Let’s not change, lets adapt. Let’s use what we already have and go on an adventure, let’s set tasks for our habits and use them to our advantage – keeping everyone happy. Self-improvement isn’t hard, it really isn’t: what’s hard is fighting with our past, but that’s a subject for another day. Ok, starting from today I want you to give your old habits a choice: they can leave, or stay and grow with you. Either way, life is going to improve with or without them. You are now in charge and it’s going to be fun from here on in.

Let’s start with gratitude. Yes you read correctly, let’s start a habit of gratitude for the next 40 days from the time you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep at night. Fill your day with gratitude: give gratitude for every possible situation that comes from being alive and seeing the sun rise and set – before you know it, gratitude will be a part of your normal day. The same principle goes for happiness, love, confidence, and respect, if we spend a few minutes or even seconds throughout our day working on these habits, our lives will improve fantastically – and all with minimal effort. All it takes is awareness of what’s happening throughout your day, instead of drifting aimlessly with no meaning. We have the ability to be whatever we want to be, all we need to do is work positively with our habits to create more of what we want and less of what we don’t. Remember; energy flows where attention goes.

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