Smart dressed man.

When we start on the road of self improvement we generally start with how we think and of corse that is the matter in hand but it’s also important to start on how we present ourselves. I don’t just mean in a physical change in the body that comes with exercise, that’s another improvement tool that should be utilised but what Im talking about is how we dress ourselves. How we look, how we dress ourselves gives off a signal to our brain on how we perceive ourselves to be; if we dress scruffy and sad then our subconscious will change our behaviour to suit, the same goes for smart suits and formal clothing, we become more confident and serious. How we see ourselves and present ourselves determines how we feel, it’s common sense when we think about. I’m not saying that you should dress like your going to meet the queen every day, what I’m saying is that grooming yourself by brushing your hair or beard, dressing in clothing that’s clean and tidy, personal hygiene is a must if we are to feel good about ourselves. As I said it’s common sense but it’s something that we to often neglect when times are tuff, as we often let ourselves go. By simply holding on to these simple values and traits gives us a feeling of self worth and meaning, and that’s always a bonus.

Geraint Rhys Benney

Life and Spiritual Coach

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