Taking Charge

Every morning when I awake before I even open my eyes, I tell myself I’m going to have an amazing day. From my first breath of consciousness I start my day with positivity and a will to succeed in anything that day may throw at me. Having belief in our own abilities is such an important factor in us living happy, fulfilled lives. I’m not talking arrogance, no no, that’s not the way forward; I’m taking about the belief that you are not better than anyone else but you are becoming better than you were the day before. I believe that we are all equals, each and every one of us and that the only person we need to compete against is ourself. By telling myself that I can be anything I want to become. That I can do anything I want to do and that the universe is at my side all the way, helping me create my life and its wonders. It gives me a feeling inside that nobody can take away from me, it gives me the strength to try new things, it gives me the courage to face my greatest fears, but ultimately, it gives me back control of my own life. Whether we are looking for a new job, a new romance, or a fresh start, we must believe we are good enough to receive what it is we actually want. How can a new boss employ you if you are not confident in yourself? How do we expect a new lover to give us love or respect if we have none for ourselves? How do we expect to have a happy fulfilled life if we don’t think we are good enough? I believe that we all have self-belief – each and every one of us – and all we need to do is learn how to use it.

How many of us have been told we are not good enough and that we should try something a little bit easier? Something a little less challenging? Something a little more ‘us’? I know I have, on more than one occasion, and for the majority of my life I listened, I agreed, I let other people tell me what I was able and not able to achieve: and I was miserable.

It’s my life! it’s my choice! it’s my responsibility! Three very important statements that have changed the way I live my life. Everything in our lives is controlled by US! Me and you, we have full control of the cockpit and the engines are running. We can go anywhere and achieve anything as long as we give ourselves clear and distinct destinations. We also need to be aware that we don’t stray off the path, that we don’t get distracted and that obstacles can be overcome. Having realistic goals is important: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and taking baby steps is the key. Wanting to be the best is good and something we should all strive to achieve, but we need to learn our craft before becoming an expert, and in doing this we can achieve anything we want.
I use a number of affirmations throughout my day to affirm that i have the life that I want. I also watch and listen to inspirational speeches and videos by my mentors and life heroes. I read blogs and books that inspire life-improvement and growth in not only self-belief, but also on health and well-being and mindfulness. We should be thankful for what we already have, and not sad or bitter for what we don’t have. By giving gratitude for our health and wellbeing, and having faith in our own ability to love our selves, by using the great gifts that we already hold within us, we can shape the universe we live in. All we need do now is use them to make our dreams reality.

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