Lets get Happy 

Everyone deserves happiness, and it starts with us, individually, to make sure that we open our minds to the powers within. Yes, powers – pure magical powers that can change our way of life, giving us all the happiness we desire It’s all there, ready and waiting for us to use. I used to let life beat me down. I used to take all the bad things that happened in my life personally; I was a bearer of my own misfortune. By changing the way I thought and spoke about myself, I learned that it was my reactions to the situations in my life – and not the situations themselves – that where affecting me. You see, I learned that everything we do and everything we think, sculpts our future: our thoughts actually become things. If we spend our days talking about everything that makes us unhappy or that annoys us, that’s what we are going to reflect back at us. I know what you’re thinking: “don’t talk rubbish!”, but you really need to sit and take a moment to reflect on what I’m saying. Our words and actions affect our reality. Think about it; if we talk negatively then it’s going to manifest itself, it’s all we are attracting back into our life. I’m not talking witchcraft or voodoo, I’m talking reality, I’m talking results. By consciously talking and acting positively, our life and lifestyle will change positively. It’s basically common sense. Cut out gossip and talking about others, start talking about what you want out of life and not what you don’t want. Through our ability to think and feel, we have dominion over all creation – why should we live an ordinary life when we could be living an extraordinary one? Happiness – true happiness – comes from within, and it can’t be bought, it can’t be given, it’s a present we can give ourselves everyday. All we have to do to harness it is believe.

Being a happier, confident, more grateful human being is something I strive for. It used to be fame and fortune, but as I have found out, without happiness it’s pointless. Without true, deep-down happiness, we just stumble through life looking for something that’s right under our noses, whilst in the meantime we just fill it with bitterness and jealousy, wanting what others have. We hope it will give us fulfilment and it never does, it just drives us to want more. Not that there is anything wrong with wanting more, or to better ourselves; that’s why Byw is here, to help us all achieve such a goal. However, we sometimes forget what real happiness is and where it comes from. Being happy isn’t about what we have, it’s about what we don’t have. Being happy is a feeling inside of us, being happy is about being the real You.


Say you wake up tomorrow morning and there’s a parcel waiting for you on the doorstep. You take it in and when you open it, you find a brand new bottle of happiness – all for you. A fresh start away from everything that’s ever made you sad or unhappy. What do you do with it? Do you take the top off and guzzle it down until its empty? Do you take a few sips to see if it works? Or, do you put it on a shelf for a rainy day? The majority of us will put it on the shelf. Why? We are afraid of change. It’s easier for us to feel sorry for ourselves than to feel happy. We fit in, we don’t want to rock the boat – imagine what people would think!!


Who cares?


Really, who cares what people think? It’s not your life they’re living: they have their own life, with their own problems and issues. They really have no power over you, only the power you allow them to have by caring about their opinion. I’m not saying don’t take others into consideration – far from it. What I am saying, is only you can create your own happiness. It’s there, deep inside you, waiting to be released; all you need to do is set it free.




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