Starting something New

Apologies for not being around for a while friends, but my new venture has been taking up a lot of my precious time – I haven’t been slacking. You can usually find me on my Instagram page ‘bywlifesculpting’, please feel free to follow me there also.
Starting something new can be overwhelming, but also exciting; it all depends on how we perceive the situation we are currently in. The majority of people fail within the first six months of starting any kind of new venture or relationship. Even giving up smoking or starting a diet can be a goal we rarely achieve. Is it that we are weak-willed? Is it that we are doomed to fail? Or, is it we simply try to run before we can walk? If you have read any of my previous posts, you’d know that I believe we can achieve anything we truly want to; it’s a hard hill to climb and the chances are that we will fall flat on our faces before we get our balance. But – by having the courage to get back up, wipe your self down and admit that we still have a lot to learn and that we are always a pupil of life, we can go on and achieve great things. Failure is a word that’s thrown around far too much when we don’t quite get the expected outcome of any chosen goal or dream, but nobody fails, not on my watch. Doing the same thing over and over again whilst expecting a different outcome is a habit a lot if us fall into. It’s not because we are stupid or blind, it’s because we don’t like admitting we are wrong. We all like to think we are knowledgeable in what it is we want but when it’s laid out in front of us it can be overwhelming and frightening. As long as we keep a level head, take each hurdle with an open mind and the attitude that the ordinary learn once in a while, but the extraordinary learn once everyday; anything is possible and dreams can come true. Have a wonderful week everyone, we’ll talk again soon.

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