I Am

I’m sitting here contemplating what my next post should be about, when I look up and I see my own reflection staring back at me in the window. It’s here and now I see – for the first time in a long while – someone that I feel at peace with, someone I am proud of being. I am the real me, or damn bloody close to being. I have had some turbulent periods in the past that had taken away the heart of who I am, and even though I have been improving with the support of the amazing people I have in my life – who back me in all of my endeavours – it’s been my new found self awareness that I feel truly thankful for. People who look in on my life from the outside would guess that I am generally a confident individual, and I suppose the majority of the time I was that way – apart from the fact it was all an illusion. Yes I was always up for a laugh and having fun, but inside I was lost, drifting around trying to fit in somewhere that I wasn’t supposed to be. I was trying so hard to please those around me that I forgot about my needs and what I wanted out of life, forgot about my own expectations. If you have read any of my past posts you’ll know that I believe we can become anything we truly want to be and that what our mind can conceive we can truly achieve. Well ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself, I am Mr. Geraint Rhys Benney and I am me. I am at peace with who I am and what life can offer me, as well as what I can offer life. I am aware of the responsibility I have for my own happiness, I am abundant with love for my fellow man and the planet we inhabit, I am at one with every particle of stardust in our universe. And I believe we are all I am. We can all be if we choose to be, all you need is to believe.

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