I know I can go on a bit, going over and over the same thing again sounding like a broken record but I have no apologies; you see what I have to say sometimes doesn’t come across very clearly, and this is something I’m working on to improve. The message is somewhat clear, but the way or ways of achieving the overall outcome is not so clear, and I realise now that what help am if all I’m doing is giving a lecture on what not to do? Wanting to help people and actually helping can be worlds apart. We all have good intentions and when we see people we love – or even just know – in any kind of pain or distress, our instincts automatically want to rush in and help, giving support and empathy regarding their current issue or predicament. It’s hard not to even if it’s a recurring event. But there is one thing I’d let slip my mind, and that is how I hated being told what not to do as much as being told what to do. Helping or offering advice or guidance to anyone has to come from the person seeking change and not from the person offering direction. What’s right for me may not be right for someone else, and if it is helpful it’s only my place to give options and tools for them to use at their own pace. I believe truly that we can change the way we live our lives and that our true potential as human beings are endless – if we are willing to open our minds and hearts to the powers of consciousness and the connections we have with the universe and each other.

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