Alone, not Lonely 

I know there are some that think I have lost my marbles and that’s ok with me, I find it funny: funny in the sense that maybe I have lost them, maybe I’m living in my own little universe and if this is the case then hey, thumbs up, I’m a winner. When we don’t understand something we usually brush it off or mock it, or – even worse – turn on it and attack it. We are seeing it happen all over the world right now with all the political and religious differences. So why, why do we do this? Why can’t we see or accept differences in others? Fear; fear of the unknown, fear of being wrong, even fear of being right. The people at the top live in fear of losing everything and the people at the bottom fear not having anything, and at the same time they fear each other. It’s a roundabout of fear no matter where you are in life. But what is it we really fear and why is it in control of our lives with such a strong grip? I’m not saying I have the answers to life’s big questions; I don’t think any one person has, but I want to at least look at them and give my interpretation on how I see the world, so here goes on the fear of being alone:I’ve done this myself and still do it to some extent – along with almost every person I know. We all rely on someone or something to give us fulfillment. Be it a job, sport, family, a relationship, drink or drugs, we all have something that makes us happy, but sadly it’s not real. At least it’s not for the majority. I think about it this way: I like my own company and over time, spending time alone has made me a better human being. “Why?” I have no fear of myself and being mindful and having gratitude has been my salvation. Being in our own company can be petrifying for some and I understand why; our mind can be cruel and vindictive when it wants to be, it can eat us alive with inner dialogue running us down, convincing us of untruths about ourselves. It’s no wonder we look for reassurance from outside sources – we need something to believe in. But we forget that we are magical beings, each and every one of us, and we have become lost in the game of life by falling for the the oldest trick in the book of “needing”. We need to feel successful or a part to something. I’m not a loner, far from it; I have friends from all walks of life, I like people, I like being around people. I’d say I’m a people person and I think it’s my inner peace that allows me to be comfortable in the daily situations I find myself in. Life is a bitch after all – it’s how we deal with it that matters. I have a lot of beliefs that give me my inner peace, some that you could say are slightly off the wall to many but just as off the wall as believing we are watched over by a man with a grey beard who decides if we live or die. So like I said at the beginning, if I am a little mad then thumbs up to me – I’m happy as long as it provides me with the ability to live my life contentedly alone and with and the world around me. Being alone shouldn’t be a punishment for anyone, and once we learn to live in harmony with ourselves, everything else seems clearer and easier to deal with.

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