Mindful Music

I love listening to music; all kinds from pop to classical, rock to opera- I have no prejudice, if it’s a good song or track then it’s on my playlist. Shuffle can be amusing or annoying depending on who you ask. Anyway, the reason I’m talking about music is because music has the ability to heal, the ability change our mood, the ability to motivate. Music can be – and is – a powerful tool for self-help when used mindfully. We all have a song that reminds us of a time, a place, a situation: they can make us sad as well as happy, emotional or ecstatic. Music can literally touch our soul. Mindful music isn’t just restricted to dolphins singing or pan pipes – we can use any music to be mindful, although hardcore death metal I haven’t quite mastered. It’s easier to start with a song you are familiar with, obviously something that’s an easy listen. Get your headphones on, plug in and sit back, and before you start make sure you are nice and comfortable. OK, ready? Take a few deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth, keeping your breathing steady throughout the experience and it’s time to press play and begin. The real trick here isn’t actually listening to the song or track, but to actually feel it. This is why using headphones is helpful as it’s just you and the music; loose yourself in it – please give it a try. I use this method often, it’s one that can help if you are constantly in a busy environment. It helps you step away for a few minutes or so. So go on then, give it a try let and me know how you get on. Allow yourself to explore every aspect of the track. Give your full attention, give yourself permission to climb inside the track and dance along with the sound waves. The idea is to simply listen and feel it, to become fully entwined with the composition without any kind of judgment of the lyrics, genre, artist, instruments or language. Please enjoy.

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