All Is Well

All is well and all shall be well: words I tell myself daily. Having something to believe in and having faith are two of the most important lessons we must learn if we are to achieve. If self-improvement is your goal then these two lessons should be your main goals also. Self-belief and faith in your own abilities are your best friends; you need to spend as much time working alongside them, spend every waking minute together. We are all good at telling ourselves how useless we are, or having doubts about our abilities – we can be and usually are our worst enemies. It’s hard getting to know yourself and if you really want change in your life then then being honest with yourself is important, and dealing with your issues is vital. I’m not talking about external issues, I’m talking about internal ones. There is usually a main reason for our internal turmoil and that is us being dishonest with ourselves because it’s easier to run away and pretend they aren’t there and fake it. There are some really good actors amongst us not getting any credit for their Oscar worthy performances – they should give themselves a slap on the back. We all pretend everyday for one reason or another, as it’s how we have learned to survive since birth; we do it without even knowing about it, it comes naturally. What I’m saying, is finding out where you act and asking yourself why is the only time you will get to see the real you. By facing our fears, our demons, our insecurities, we can start to gain self-belief and faith in our abilities without the negativity of the past. I’m careful when I talk about people being to blame for their own shortcomings or problems because I know more than anyone that we don’t choose our upbringing or our social stature as children. As we get older we do have a choice in the directions we take. Life is a story from beginning to end, and our story can be whatever we want it to be, good or bad. Life is life and it’s what we make of it that counts. If you’re a regular reader of my blogs then you’ll know that what I find helpful is using mindfulness and the law of attraction. These two methods of thinking and living have given me peace, have helped me and still are helping me become the best person I can possibly be; not an act to impress others, but for my own self-belief and faith. I do it because that is the person I am and not the person I want to be. I am the person I want to be, I still have a lot of issues that need my attention but I’m not running from them anymore. I’m at peace with who I am, I have learned to forgive my self for any shortcomings I may have had, I’ve learned that I don’t control the external world and the external world doesn’t control me. All is well that shall be well is what I have faith in and believe to the depths of my soul. It’s just as much a part of me as the belief I have in myself and the faith I have in what I do. I am Geraint Rhys Benney and all is well and all shall be well.

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