‘Have a fantastic day’ is something I’ve told almost everyone I have come across on my travels today – and I mean it. I genuinely want them to enjoy their day and for it to be fantastic. The words we use have an effect on not only ourselves, but also the people we connect with daily. We can make someone’s day by simply being kind or thoughtful towards them. I’ve covered this subject a number of times over the last year, but I never get tired of reminding everyone that our words matter; what we talk about and the words we use can shape our day, can make it positive or negative – and we have the power to choose. You can’t disagree with me when I say that negative language will undoubtedly create a negative atmosphere: it’s common sense, so why do we do it? I have made a conscious decision to be as positive about my day as I can, so I’m careful about the language I use and the language I listen to, and I choose to live this way because I can. We all can. It only comes down to us wanting to and doing so, after all, we are the masters of our own reality and happiness. The reason I radiate my positivity is because I can’t help myself! I want to share a little bit of my happiness with everyone I meet, I’m like a gift that keeps on giving. 

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