Don’t believe the hype 

Don’t believe the hype

As you sit here reading this, your mind is probably telling you that you don’t need improvement: you are who you are and don’t go getting ideas above your station. It’s a part of our defensive mechanism, and is useful in keeping us safe from danger, but not so useful in helping us achieve our goals. In fact, it’s preventing us from doing so. We let our minds rule how we live. The constant chatter of total rubbish is defining who we are, and if we don’t take that control back then happiness and fulfillment will never truly be ours to experience. Take a step back and think of it this way: our person and our mind are two separate entities in one piece, and they can live in turmoil or in harmony, depending on how we react to them. I’m not saying that we are all schizophrenic, but I suppose it comes very close.

Our thoughts and feelings create the life we live, and by taking charge of our thoughts and feelings we can genuinely mould and sculpt a happier, more joyful, healthy future. But we have to really want it. We all have a story; a story we have made up to justify why we do things or why we don’t do things, a story that is usually full of excuses and self-pity, and we live it out accepting everything it says about our capabilities. But the story of our lives is just that – a story, and it can be rewritten anytime you want. It can take any shape, take any direction, because you are the writer and you have full control over what happens; all you need is the courage to believe in you, the courage to stand up to yourself and say ‘I can do that, I am more than this, I can achieve anything if I really want to’. We are the creators of our own destiny: it’s time we all woke up and started living.

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