Not everything we believe to be true is true and not everything we believe to be untrue is an untrue, it all depends on perspective.

What influences you?

Who influences you?

Who do you influence?

I ask these questions because it’s important for us to realise the influences in our lives and how they dictate how we live.

At a young age we learn much about life from our parents, our grandparents, family members, teachers, books, TV, film the list goes on, growing up we have had our lives influenced by many people and things even into our adult lives without even knowing it, we have taken on many of there values and beliefs about what is good and bad, right and wrong, true and false even real and fake and these beliefs and values even echo’s onto who we now influence.

As a coach, I talk with a lot of people that have trouble with living their lives because there belief systems clashes with how they live life and perceive it to be, leaving them unhappy, confused, torn, lost, alone and often depressed. My job is to help people understand that with adjustment to there values and beliefs through looking at why they believe the things they do and how they may not be true beliefs and they may not be serving them as they should be, we can then work together and find a clearer path that’s more rewarding mentally and spiritually for them, creating new values and beliefs along the way.


Every person is different and there is no one-way of changing a belief system to one that’s more relevant and truthful to the individual involved, its down to the individual them selves what they are willing to let go of and what they are open to learn that’s the biggest ask, because it can sometimes bring pain, loss, sorrow, doubt, regret and even fear before it brings strength, happiness, meaning, belonging, self value and love.


Changing our beliefs and values can change our lives in so many positive ways but its not easy, and having a coach supporting you, helping you, guiding you and most importantly believing in you throughout the bad as well as the good times, is an investment not only in your yourself but also in your future.


Geraint Rhys Benney D.P.S. Life and Spiritual Coach


If you have found this blog helpful please leave a comment or you may feel that working with a coach is something you may be interested in please get in touch.



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