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The Choice

I was asked recently how I keep such a stiff upper lip in times of stress and turmoil, and how I never seem sad or down anymore. Well the answer I gave wasn’t expected, or at least I don’t believe it was. You see, my answer was: I do still stress out at times, I do still feel sad and have bad days just like everyone else does – the only difference is that I don’t let them consume me or ruin my day. I make a conscious decision to stay positive and calm whenever I can. It’s not easy and it’s taken time for me to be able to control my actions and reactions to everyday misfortunes, but anyone can do the same with determination and a little self-belief. It’s all too easy to complain and feel sorry for ourselves, but it gets us nowhere. Life needn’t be a hindrance; life can be amazing if we truly want it to be, and we can live it on our terms.

If you feel you’re getting the sharp end of the stick and life is being a bitch, or if you’ve simply had a guts full of feeling low, why not get in contact? Together we can build a better tomorrow for all of us.

Geraint Rhys Benney Life Coach

Founder of Byw

change, faith, Guru, Hope, law of attraction, life, life coaching, Mentoring, opportunities, personal growth, self improvment, shit happens, times they are a changing, universe

Nothing is unless we make it so.

We all have different needs, we all have different beliefs – in fact, I’d say we are all as different as can be, but are still the same in many ways. Who we are and how we live is a complicated issue. We all perceive life in various ways, as if living in different realities. Some of us find life’s journey difficult, some of us find it less so; it’s all down to perspective and perspectives can be changed. But whose perspective is right and whose is wrong? Well to be totally honest with you, I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way – we are all guessing. There is no big book of how to live our lives correctly, unless we take religious texts into consideration – but they are only the ideologies of a group of people who hold their own agenda and not a reliable ‘go to’ book. If there was a guide book in my mind, it would have a simple premise: be loving, be kind, be happy, be grateful, be confident and believe. We all know right from wrong, when we should and shouldn’t be doing something. I guess what I’m trying to say is, as humans, we have the ability to make choices in our lives, we can stay or we can go, we can say yes or no, we are not rooted to the spot. ‘Nothing is unless we make it so’ is a statement I truly believe in; it’s the fundamental principle of what I teach and how I live my life. I believe if we live a good, positive life then good things will come to us, and we learn to appreciate life for the beauty and opportunities it brings. Me and you, you and me, we can be who we want to be, and if we shoot our dreams a little too far out into the universe and we run out of time, at least we would have had an amazing journey along the way.

change, faith, Guru, Hope, law of attraction, life, life coaching, Mentoring, opportunities, personal growth, self improvement, shit happens, times they are a changing, universe

Heal the World 

I spend a lot of time studying people; how they tick, their habits, wondering why they are like they are. I see people everyday who I know, without doubt, could do with Mindful-Attraction in their lives, but how do you tell someone that you think they may need help? I used to talk to people about Mindful-Attraction, but you can’t explain something to someone if they don’t really listen. The theory behind Mindful-Attraction isn’t rocket-science, it’s the simplest concept you could ask for: ‘we are what we think’. I don’t want to push any kind of different way of doing things unless someone actually says they want change in their lives and are looking for a miracle – but as I have found, people are happier to stay as they are if change is involved. I’m not saying Mindful-Attraction is miraculous, but what I am saying is that it can change our lives if we follow its basic principles. Mindful-Attraction has changed my life, truly it has, I’m not – and neither is my life – perfect and I still have a lot of learning and experience to gain, but it has given me more than I ever expected it to in such a short space of time. I want to talk to people who want change, who truly want change and not just talk about change. I have heard every excuse there is on why people can’t change, its very rare to meet people who have passion to change. And if Mindful-Attraction is to work then passion in what you want to achieve is just as important as the belief in it. We can all change, we can all adapt, we are humans and it’s how we have evolved to be the dominant species on the planet. It was all achieved through passion and belief that we could do it, so why have we as a race, lost our belief in our own achievement? I have a theory, but it’s long and boring so I’ll leave that for another day – what’s more important is how we can change it and I believe Mindful-Attraction can be not the answer, but at least a step forward in thinking. We all have questions; it’s time we started asking them and not always taking the first answer as the right one. By opening our minds and senses it’s surprising what we get to experience and achieve. Being willing to change our outlook, we can surprise ourselves with what we are capable of achieving. With dedication and direction there is no reason we can’t live lives on our terms, lives with happiness and fulfilment. The only thing stopping us is us.