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The Choice

I was asked recently how I keep such a stiff upper lip in times of stress and turmoil, and how I never seem sad or down anymore. Well the answer I gave wasn’t expected, or at least I don’t believe it was. You see, my answer was: I do still stress out at times, I do still feel sad and have bad days just like everyone else does – the only difference is that I don’t let them consume me or ruin my day. I make a conscious decision to stay positive and calm whenever I can. It’s not easy and it’s taken time for me to be able to control my actions and reactions to everyday misfortunes, but anyone can do the same with determination and a little self-belief. It’s all too easy to complain and feel sorry for ourselves, but it gets us nowhere. Life needn’t be a hindrance; life can be amazing if we truly want it to be, and we can live it on our terms.

If you feel you’re getting the sharp end of the stick and life is being a bitch, or if you’ve simply had a guts full of feeling low, why not get in contact? Together we can build a better tomorrow for all of us.

Geraint Rhys Benney Life Coach

Founder of Byw

change, faith, Guru, Hope, law of attraction, life, life coaching, Mentoring, opportunities, personal growth, self improvment, shit happens, times they are a changing, universe

Nothing is unless we make it so.

We all have different needs, we all have different beliefs – in fact, I’d say we are all as different as can be, but are still the same in many ways. Who we are and how we live is a complicated issue. We all perceive life in various ways, as if living in different realities. Some of us find life’s journey difficult, some of us find it less so; it’s all down to perspective and perspectives can be changed. But whose perspective is right and whose is wrong? Well to be totally honest with you, I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way – we are all guessing. There is no big book of how to live our lives correctly, unless we take religious texts into consideration – but they are only the ideologies of a group of people who hold their own agenda and not a reliable ‘go to’ book. If there was a guide book in my mind, it would have a simple premise: be loving, be kind, be happy, be grateful, be confident and believe. We all know right from wrong, when we should and shouldn’t be doing something. I guess what I’m trying to say is, as humans, we have the ability to make choices in our lives, we can stay or we can go, we can say yes or no, we are not rooted to the spot. ‘Nothing is unless we make it so’ is a statement I truly believe in; it’s the fundamental principle of what I teach and how I live my life. I believe if we live a good, positive life then good things will come to us, and we learn to appreciate life for the beauty and opportunities it brings. Me and you, you and me, we can be who we want to be, and if we shoot our dreams a little too far out into the universe and we run out of time, at least we would have had an amazing journey along the way.

change, faith, Guru, law of attraction, life, life coaching, Mentoring, opportunities, personal growth, self improvement, shit happens, times they are a changing, Uncategorized, universe


Why Mindful-Attraction? Why combine mindfulness and the law of attraction? What a good question if I do say so myself, so I shall tell you. Having mindfulness in our lives has all its own benefits for self-improvement, and it’s commonly practiced around the world with astounding results. The Law of Attraction (as its commonly called) – if practiced with a mindful mind – can change not only how we look at the world, but also how we view ourselves. I don’t need to explain how they both work as I have done so many times in past blogs, all you need do is take a look. But what I will explain is why I teach them as one entity. I believe everyone has the right to live a happy life, a life of hope and prosperity, and I also believe that Mindful-Attraction can offer us this opportunity. Life can be hard, we have never been given a rule book on how to live it, some of us have learn how to deal with it and there are some that have found it a hard slog: I put myself in this category. I once believed that life was out to get me, that it was in control of me, that I was at its mercy, and I’m not ashamed to say it: I was wrong. I was wrong. Mindfulness gave me the courage and belief in my self, it taught me that life is not out to get me and that I was in control of my thoughts and not them in control of me. The law of attraction has given me an open door to my future, the law of attraction has given me a belief that I can – if I truly want something, I can achieve it. With hard work and vision anything is possible. I understand that what you have just read is hard to take in, but what have you got to lose in trying? Anything worth having never comes easily, we have to work hard at it if we are to be successful and the best thing we can work on is ourselves. The reason I teach Mindful-Attraction is because I want to share “It” with you. You deserve to know what you are capable of achieving. “It” is you and you are “It”, and if you need “it”, it’s always there for you. The only thing we need to do to learn, is to believe in “It”. I believe in you, you should too.